IDFPR Answers Questions About Cannabis Dispensary Licensing

IDFPR answers questions about cannabis dispensary licensing.

IDFPR answers questions in over 100 pages of information regarding the conditional adult use dispensing license applications.

The extensive document includes full text of of all the questions they’ve received, lumped together to reduce duplication of answers. After each section of related questions, the IDFPR answers them.

The IDFPR answers only questions related directly to conditional adult use licensing applications, and many of the answers are obviously less specific than questioners were hoping.

What are the specifics of the application scoring?

It’s the one question everyone was hoping IDFPR would answer, but while they repeatedly remind readers to submit the most competitive application possible, the IDFPR answers provide little guidance for application optimization and no additional insight into the scoring process.

We will be covering the information contained in the document in-depth throughout the coming days, but for now, find the questions and answers yourself here.

The advisory notice of the document states:

To date, the Department has received a large number of questions regarding the application process and anticipates receiving a large number in the coming period. In the October period, many of the questions were substantively the same, others asked questions unrelated to the application process, and still others asked the Department to address fact specific hypothetical questions. This document identifies all questions that were received that the Department, with the exception of those that were unrelated to the application process or that the Department could not interpret. It answers similar questions in batches to avoid unnecessary duplication of answers. Questions have been summarized or shortened where appropriate.

The Department will be accepting additional questions until 5 p.m. on November 15, 2019 and posting responses to those questions that were not previously addressed in this document on November 25, 2019. The Department may summarize related questions. Further, the Department will not publish responses to repetitive questions, questions unrelated to the application process, or fact-specific hypothetical questions.

IDFPR, Conditional Adult Use Dispensing Organization License Application QA Round 1