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Illinois Cannabis Local Ordinances

by Jul 8, 2019Cannabis Act Highlights0 comments

Wondering if your town or city can block cannabis businesses? The Illinois Cannabis Regulation & Taxation Act allows for local ordinances regarding cannabis businesses. Read on to learn more about the types of local cannabis ordinances allowed.

Can An Illinois City Ban Cannabis?

According to the Illinois Cannabis Regulation & Taxation Act, a unit of local government, including a home rule unit or any non-home rule county within the unincorporated territory of the county, may:

  • enact reasonable zoning ordinances or resolutions regulating cannabis business establishment 
  • the time, place, manner, and number of cannabis business establishment operations, including minimum distance limitations between cannabis business establishments and locations it deems sensitive, including colleges and universities, through the use of conditional use permits
  • civil penalties for violation of an ordinance or rules governing such
  • regulate the on-premises consumption of cannabis at or in a cannabis business establishment within its jurisdiction. A cannabis business establishment or other entity authorized or permitted by a unit of local government to allow on-site consumption shall not be deemed a public place within the meaning of the Smoke Free Illinois Act.
  • enact ordinances to prohibit or significantly limit a cannabis business establishment’s location

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