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Illinois Cannabis Law Highlights

by Jul 8, 2019Cannabis Act Highlights0 comments

Answers to all of your most pressing questions about the new Illinois cannabis law.

Residential Growing 

Can you grow weed in Illinois? Only medical patients can grow plants in-home and can only grow 5 plants more than 5 inches tall.

Possession Limits

What are Illinois cannabis possession limits? For Residents (30 grams of cannabis flower, no more than 500 milligrams of THC contained in cannabis-infused product, 5 grams of cannabis concentrate) For Non-Residents (15 grams of cannabis flower, 2.5 grams of cannabis concentrate, and 250 milligrams of THC contained in cannabis-infused product) Possession limits are cumulative.

Age Limit

How old do you have to be to smoke weed in Illinois? Must be 21 years or older to purchase or consume. Should not consume around anyone under 21.


Can you discriminate against someone for using cannabis in Illinois? Cannabis use no longer constitutes use of an illicit substance or otherwise disqualifies a person from medical care – including organ transplants. Cannot be used against someone in child welfare case, be a reason someone can’t foster/adopt, or serve as the basis of any adverse finding, adverse evidence, or restriction of any right or privilege in a proceeding related to guardianship, conservatorship, trusteeship, the execution of a will, or the management of an estate

Things You Can’t Do 

  • No possession or use on school bus, at school, in correctional facility, in any vehicle (unless transporting personal use in sealed container that is inaccessible when the vehicle is moving), or daycare.
  • Also can’t use in public places or around people under 21.
  • No smoking where smoking is prohibited under the Smoke Free Illinois Act. Still no driving under the influence.
  • Don’t facilitate use of cannabis by any person under 21 (unless they have a prescription). 

Illinois Cannabis Tax Rates

Illinois Cannabis Sales Taxes

  • at or below 35% THC 10% tax
  • THC above 35% 25% tax
  • cannabis-infused 20% tax

Illinois Cannabis Production Tax – 7%

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