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Illinois Cannabis Advertising, Promotion, Packaging, Labeling

by Jul 8, 2019Cannabis Act Highlights0 comments

No advertising that:

  • is false or misleading
  • promotes overconsumption
  • depicts actual consumption
  • depicts a person under 21 consuming
  • makes health, medicinal, or therapeutic claims
  • includes image of cannabis leaf or bud
  • includes image designed likely to appeal to minors, including cartoons, toys, animals, or children, or any other likeness to images, characters, or phrases that are designed in any manner to be appealing to or encourage consumption of persons under 21 years of age

No advertisements within 1,000 feet of perimeter of school grounds, playground, rec center or facility, child care center, public park, or public library, or a game arcade.

Advertisements cannot be placed in public transit vehicles or shelters, or on or in publicly owned or publicly operated property.

Packaging and Labeling requirements are extensive. See Section 55-21 for full information.

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