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Winning Before Fighting: Top 12 Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies for Cannabis Companies (Webinar)

by Aug 9, 2019News0 comments

Many people think owning and operating a cannabis business is a dream job. The reality is that any dream job can quickly become a nightmare when your business gets pulled into a dispute. Failing to resolve disputes early can be shockingly expensive. Discovery — of documents and by depositions — is usually costly, and risky too. For example, a court recently fined a company $50,000-a-day for failing to produce all the voluminous documents its opponents demanded.

Canna Law Blog is hosting a free webinar on August 14th to discuss cost-effective solutions to keep your cannabis business out of court. “The Top 12 Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies” will include personal success stories and testimonies from cannabis litigation attorneys John Rapp (WA and NY), Jihee Ahn (OR and CA), and Jesse Mondry (OR and MN). These experienced dispute resolution attorneys will break down the path most disputes follow and give you the tools you need to effectively manage disputes as they occur.

This webinar will also encourage audience questions. Bring your “real world” experience to the conversation and our legal team will provide you advice and knowledge to help you run your business conflict-free. You can send your questions in advance when you register here today. Hear the answers when you join us at 12:30 PST on Wednesday, August 14th.

Source: Canna Law Blog

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