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Illinois Dispensaries

by Jul 7, 2019Cannabis Act Highlights0 comments

Cannabis dispensaries will be popping up throughout Illinois starting January 1, 2020. Read below for the highlights from the Illinois Cannabis Regulation & Taxation Act on dispensaries.

Illinois Dispensaries License Timing & Fees

Current medical cannabis companies are the only ones who will be eligible for early approval licenses which can begin selling January 1, 2020. The below information is focused on all other licenses.

Dispensary applications will be available no later than October 1, 2019 and will be accepted through January 1, 2020.

Up to 75 conditional dispensing licenses will be issued before May 1, 2020, broken down by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) regions.

  • Bloomington: 1
  • Cape Girardeau: 1
  • Carbondale-Marion: 1
  • Champaign-Urbana: 1
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin: 47
  • Danville: 1
  • Davenport-Moline-Rock Island: 1
  • Decatur: 1
  • Kankakee: 1
  • Peoria: 3
  • Rockford: 2
  • St. Louis: 4
  • Springfield: 1
  • Northwest Illinois nonmetropolitan: 3
  • West Central Illinois nonmetropolitan: 3
  • East Central Illinois nonmetropolitan: 2
  • South Illinois nonmetropolitan: 2

Application available no later than October 1, 2019 and accepted no later than January 1, 2020.

Nonrefundable application fee – $5,000

Scoring of Applicants

250 total points awarded based on the sufficiency of the applicant’s responses to required information. All information submitted will become a condition of the conditional license. The applicant has a duty to disclose any material changes to the application.

  • 15 Points Suitability of Employee Training Plan
  • 65 Points Security and Recordkeeping
  • 65 Points Business Plan, Financials, Operating and Floor Plan
  • 30 Points Knowledge and Experience
  • 50 Points Social Equity Applicant
  • 5 Points Labor and employment Practices
  • 5 Points Environmental Plan
  • 5 Points Illinois Owner (51%)
  • 5 Points Veteran (51%)
  • 5 Points Diversity Plan
  • 2 Points (Bonus) Plan to Engage with Community

Plans & Procedures

Detailed Required Plans and Procedures in Sections 15-65, 15-70, 15-75, 15-80, 15-85, 15-90, 15-95, 15-100, 15-110 of the Cannabis Regulation & Taxation Act. Some of the most interesting highlights are listed below:

  • All cannabis, cannabis-infused products, and cannabis seeds must be obtained from an Illinois registered adult use cultivation center, craft grower, infuser, or another dispensary.
  • No more than 40% of inventory can be from a single cultivation center, craft grower, processor, or infuser entity.
  • Can’t refuse to conduct business with anyone who can properly deliver the product and is licensed.
  • Can’t sell cannabis, cannabis concentrate, or cannabis-infused products bundled together or with anything else. Must be listed separately by quantity and price on the receipt.
  • Cannot accept, receive, or borrow money or anything else of value or accept or receive credit (other than merchandising credit in the ordinary course of business for a period not to exceed 30 days) directly or indirectly from any cultivation center, craft grower, infuser, or transporting organization. No giving preferential placement  on shelves, display cases, or websites.

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